Sometimes i get so tired of all the new concepts that i have to come up with at work that i totally need a break. The best way to clear my mind is a lonely walk down town, to watch other people and get inspired. Personally, i think the center of Athens is fascinating! If you are open minded and you are willing to see the beauty, you can find beautiful- came out of a movie- spots such as green parks, cute little places with yummy stuff but you can also find yourself dancing a lil’ bit in the sound of the music of street musicians, instead of walking! Well ok, maybe you won’t cause you are propably a normal person but as for me as an ex-ballerina i can’t help it. I have to admit that sometimes times i get really risky though. I pass the traffic lights in red. By accident of course. It’s that i’m overthinking other things while i’m walking i guess. For these lonely walks i prefer cute dresses and sneakers of course. This dress was bought in London and it was a gift from a very good friend of mine. I swear it flirted with me the moment i saw it. With white pumps it looks even more wonderful yet sexy. But you can wear it also with sneakers and a denim jacket for a more likely “down to earth” outfit! 





Shoes: Keds Greece εδώ
Golden Heart Bracelet: Lady Marian εδώ

Photographer: Stathis Varzanidis (White Photography).