Whip my hair Back and Forth.

Hair is not just an important element of self-confidence and style of a woman. In my case they are something more important … my hair is an element of my work.

The truth is that I have changed countless hair salons. So far I could not find the ideal for me. Besides I really thing that hairdressers have a serious problem with the … size. : P what do I mean? They tell me they just cut off a bit the ends of my hair and I end up with half of my hair on the floor. Plus, anyone suggest me platinum blonde as an option, I leave the place right away!

Cut My Hair, hair salon is perfect!  The industrial grey interior with few natural green splashes of garden, combined with dark wooden details, makes you feel comfortable while waiting for your appointment, you can flip through one of the many magazines and coffee table fashion books while drinking your tea!

The well-trained hairdressers are willing to discuss your ideas for your new haircut and they suggest you what is more likely your style while colorists will tell you which color is closest to your skin tone and how you can adapt all the new hair trends!

Something equally important is the fact that prices are extremely good in terms of quality of the services they offer.