I love Athens cause there are so many different places to surprise you from the one side of the road to the other. You can find totally urban spots, sides of the road that reminds you of the greek islands or “tropical” spots at the same street!

All these different spots, make Athens one of the best cities for a “First Date”! You never know how a first date ends, right? They say that the 5 first seconds are enough for our brain to decide- if we do not realise it- our opinion about the person we just saw, so a good first impression is something that you should take your time to take care about!

Make sure that the outfit you chose to wear, is quite comfortable and you feel like “yourself” in it. Spend some time in front of your mirror and decide which is your most sexy/ beautiful part of your body (if you haven’t already done it) so that you can choose clothes that flatter your silhouette and don’t overdo with tight or revealing clothes.


funky date 15

funky date 14


funky date 3

funky date 2

funky date 11


funky date 10

funky date 7

funky date 1

funky date 8

funky date 13

funky date 12


funky date cover

Don’t forget to be yourself!

Good Luck Darling!

Thank you so much Harris Karipidis for this collaboration, it was my pleasure. Βρες το blog του Χάρη, ( Fashion Attendant) here

Both outfits: Funky Buddha

Platforms: Pentavras 

Photos: Dimitris Lks 

*Make up w MD Professionnel